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Why should you join a Food Tour?

Why should you join a Food Tour?

Have you travelled to a place but felt alittle lost. I am not talking about being physically lost but rather emotionally. Sure, you can do your research with the help of google and it wil provide you with directions and sufficient information to where to visit and eat. But will it guarantee you an amazing and satisfying experience? Well, not all the time, especially when language is a challenge and you only have a few days in the location. This is when you will find a local tour whether is it a food tour or walking tour useful.

What better way to experience the city with a local guide you can consider a friend bringing you around. A local guide who can speak and talk the country's language and is willing to share freely with you about the street food you taste, history and culture of the places you visit. A friend who brings you the where the locals eat and lead their daily lives, not packed touristy places.

Here are some reasons why joining Delishasia might be the best decision you will make while visiting Penang, Pearl of the Orient:

1. Penang is the food capital of asia - need we say more?

To know more about Penang is to eat her street food. At the same time, experience and learn about her history and culture while tasting and having conversations.

2. We strive to always give you a great experience!

We are sincere and friendly, constantly tweaking our itineraries to best our customers.

3. We are passionate and want you to experience life as a local through stories, food and drinks

Our hope is for you to enjoy and also gain wonderful insights during the food tour.

4. Requires low commitment but high satisfaction - It is only 3 hours.

Guarantee you will leave Penang gaining alittle more knowledge, alittle weight and a friend.

I hope this short blog post will enable you to plan your trip better and gain the most out of it during the few days in town. Happy planning.