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A Wonderful Morning with Perfect Tripz

A Wonderful Morning with Perfect Tripz

Thinking of your next getaway? Why not consider Malaysia with the help of Perfect Tripz latest blogpost - " The Perfect Malaysian Getaway"

It is interesting to find out that Malaysia is one of the least visited countries as compared to her neighbours such as Thailand or Vietnam. The benefit of it is that you get a better chance of experiencing a local immersion in the country. A couple based in Zurich, Switzerland, they noticed that the Swiss are avid travellers all over the world, however Malaysia is often not as popular as others. Thus, they decided to chose Malaysia as their vacation destination in February this year.

Malaysia is a land full of culture, nature and FOOD. We love that Perfect Tripz mentioned a food tour is necessary while travelling in Penang as food embodies our culture so much more than words can express.

"Tip: When in Penang make sure you take part in a tour by Delishasia. An amazing experience that takes you through a market in Penang where you get to experience the daily life and the wonderful food." - Perfect Tripz

Penang is mesmerizing, quirky and unique, very different from the other 12 states. We are tiny but being established as a port since the late 18th century, our diverse cultures and food have evolved over the years and some may have fused together to create strong sub heritages. Penang is famed for being one of Asia's best sreet food capitals. And rightly so as we are stubborn and persistent in nature, always yearning for traditional tastes and holding fast to traditions which can be seen in our many festivals that spread throughout the year.

Joining a food tour with Delishasia is not just a signed up event but more often we want to reach out and help everyone we meet to have a more enjoyable time in Penang than they can even plan or imagine. We want to provide an experience which is memorable and sincere. If you are looking into Malaysia as your next holiday, don't miss out Penang and plan at least 3 nights for a slow and deep journey on this island, you will not regret.

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